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Stornoway Accommodation

As the main population centre of the Outer Hebrides, Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis is a popular destination for visitors to the islands. Home to Lewis Castle and a significant population of fluent Gaelic speakers the town attracts a number of visitors every year, particularly during July when the castle grounds play host to the Hebridean Celtic Festival.

If you’re planning to visit Stornoway during July, or indeed any other time of the year then it’s advisable to book Stornoway hotels and accommodation well in advance. As Stornoway receives many visitors annually there is plenty to choose from in the way of Stornoway accommodation within the town and surrounding areas.

We have a great deal of information about Stornoway hotels and accommodation available for you to view on our website including a comprehensive list of B&Bs, hotels and self catering Stornoway accommodation in and around the town.

As the town is popular with tourists there is Stornoway accommodation available to suit all budgets, including a hostel and handful of caravan parks and campsites; perfect for those eager to experience the natural beauty of the Island first hand! Of course, if you prefer your creature comforts there are plenty of Stornoway hotels situated within the town itself. Self catering Stornoway accommodation is also readily available and there are a number of private cottages varying in size and price range available for rental.

If you are tempted to experience the unique culture and outstanding natural beauty of Stornoway and the Hebrides for yourself then make the necessary arrangements and book Stornoway accommodation today. Do not forget that we are happy to provide further information about Stornoway hotels and accommodation, so do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any enquiries not answered on the site.